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CIDB  Certified Construction Project Manager (CCPM) course (Method I)

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The intensive class is a full package of competency course for Construction Project Manager (CCPM) through accreditation Method I (Training & Assessment). CCPM candidates will undergo the  specific learning modules (16 learning modules to be completed) that related to the subject matter. At the end of the course, all candidates will be assessed through Method I (1-hour assessment-Knowledge Assessment, KA + Performance Assessment (PA)) to qualify them becoming CIDB Certified CSS.


This course also targeted candidates who been assessed through Method III (Interview) but requested by Interviewer Panel to complete the competency training requirement through Method I to fully qualified as CCPM under CIDB Act 520.

Program details

Program synopsis

Mega Jati ACADEMY with collaboration with CIDB is providing a preparatory training program to train construction personnel who are involved in managing construction project to be competent in their job function and will ensure that every construction site/project is managed properly with Best Practices in accordance with the legal requirements. The guidance, tips and advice shared from the experienced and established trainers/speakers produce quality competent Construction Project Manager and demonstrate competency against the Construction Industry Competency Standard (CICS).

Course venue

Most of the course venue is at Mega Jati ACADEMY in Shah Alam, but not limited to organization ample venue and facilities (in-house), hotel, seminar rooms, other suitable training locations around Malaysia.

CIDB Accreditation requirements

The preparation course is meant for entry of Kaedah II and Kaedah III.

Participants requirement

No specific requirement for participants to join the course but to comply to CIDB requirement to be accredited.

Course fee

Per day (RM): RM375 - RM500/pax Total (RM): RM7,500 - RM10,000 (exclusive RM300 CIDB certification + accreditation fee). Get quotation for special package that meet your organization needs. Send your quote here.


This course is presented entirely in physical lecture, discussion, presentation by CIDB accredited trainers. Knowledge Assessment (KA) in every module shall be conducted. KA is an assessment consists of 4 subjectives question to be answered 2 questions by the candidates and submit at the end of the course. Performance Assessment (PA) in every module shall be conducted and submitted within 14-days upon course completion. Passing marks for both assessment KA and PA is 70%.

Reading materials

All reading materials for this course will be made accessible to you through the lecture/course day. Notes for each module are often email or shared through given google drive link.

Who can attend the course?

Construction Project Manager, Project Director, Architect, Project Engineer, Senior Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, Construction Manager, and related construction personnel from Main Contractor, Sub-Contractor, Developer, Consultant, PMC who wish to establish your career path. ​This course also targeted candidates who been assessed through Method III (Interview) but requested by Interviewer Panel to complete the competency training requirement through Method I to fully qualified as CSS or CCPM under CIDB Act 520.

Regulatory requirement

The Competency-Based Programmes (Accreditation Programme) are driven by the ACT520 Akta Lembaga Pembangunan Industri Pembinaan Malaysia (Pindaan 2011) referring to Part VII Registration, Accreditation, Certification and Training of Construction Personnel, Registration of construction personnel - 33. (1) A person shall not be involved or engaged or undertake to be involved or engaged as a construction personnel unless he is registered with the Lembaga and holds a valid certificate of registration issued by the Lembaga under this Act.


  • Certificate of Attendande from MJA
  • Transcript from CIDB (for each learning module)
  • Sijil Kompetensi Kemahiran Pembinaan (SKKP) Level 6 (upon completion of all learning modules and pass all assessment)

CPD/CCD points

  • 10 CCD CIDB points from MJA for 1 day course/module
  • 20 CCD CIDB points from MJA for 2 days course/module

Key facts

Candidates are required to complete all learning modules (16 learning modules) and pass all assessments, Knowledge Assessment (KA) and Performance Assessment (PA) Learning modules are conducted by modular by CIDB Penyedia Latihan Bertauliah (PLB). Candidates shall refer to our calendar for the intensive class schedule. In order to get the accreditation, all 16 learning modules are required to be attended, completed and pass within 12 months.

Program duration



We are registered with HRDF, MOF, CIDB, and ST as a Certified Training Provider


All trainers are CIDB and ST Certified Trainers and Subject Matter Experts (SME) in the industry for more than 20 years.


Comprehensive learning packages or modules deliver through effective teaching (e.g. fun lecture, mini-workshop, and discussions)


We not only accommodate your needs for the competencies with flexible-hour of courses but to extend support  for future guidance.


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