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Are you an existing PMP® certificate holder? Looking for something to enhance your existing knowledge and skills? With Mega Jati Academy you can bridge your PMP Certificate to an OTHM Qualifications Certificate (Level 7). Mega Jati ACADEMY accredited programs are qualified under the Endorsed Learning Program (ELP). The level of a qualification is based on the generic knowledge and skills a learner able to demonstrate once they have achieved that particular qualification.

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"If You Are PMP certificate holder
(in construction field), you are eligible to apply for OTHM Certification at Level 7 (UK)"

Sample OTHM Transcript.jpg

OTHM Qualifications are developed to equip learners with the knowledge and skills that employers are looking for 

All candidates are advised to check the eligibility criteria of the enrollment
Please refer the following steps to register

#1 Invitation Letter to All Construction Personnel

All Construction personnel are welcome to join this course. 

#2 Compliance to the requirements

Please make sure you fulfilled the requirements before register

#3 Additional Modules

Click download to find your additional modules

#4 Download Brochure

Please download program brochure for more details

#5 Pre-Registration

Please make sure all given information are correct

#6 Payment

All payment method are available for this course EXCEPT e-perolehan

#7 Mode of Class

Class will be conducted in Learning Management System (LMS) . Please visit our LMS for more details.

#8 Course Assessment

Knowledge Assessment (KA) for each additional modules - Two (2) essay questions

#9 Sample OTHM Certificate and Transcript

Certificate and transcript will be awarded to OTHM student who passed an assessment

#10 Sample Mega Jati Academy Certificate of Completion

Certificate of completion will be issued to OTHM student upon course completion

#11 Proposal Paper

Download a proposal paper for more information's regarding the course

#12 OTHM Convocation

OTHM Convocation will be held at World Trade Centre (WTC) in September 2023

#13 Why OTHM Qualifications?

Why you have to choose OTHM Qualifications

#14 FAQ OTHM Qualifications

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) OTHM Qualifications

Construction in Progress

Mega Jati Academy Sdn. Bhd.

is an Approved Centre of

OTHM Qualifications

(Registration Number DC2012488)

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