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What Client Say


We place a huge value on strong relationships with our clients and we have seen a benefits that they bring to our business. Customer feedback is a vital in helping us to get it right.


“I enrolled in the Mega Jati Academy collaboration with CIDB program in order to improve career development. The CCPM, CCM and FMM program is comprehensive program equipping me with knowledge and skills to become a competent project manager for an examination board under CIDB. The online courses and structure of the program make it easy to manage alongside other commitments (job, school, life), and the MJA teams are all extremely responsive to student questions and needs.” Also, by taking many courses and learning from MJA trainers and colleagues, I think I have gained the psychometric skills and knowledge as well as the professional attitudes/ethics – which are very important for getting ready for the future’s career and so forth.


- Ts. Shfulrizam Mohd Dinal

"I've participated in few of Competency Courses organized by MJA since June 2020, all I can say is the journey was amazing, and pack with information. The online courses are so convenient, with SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) approach, it is intelligible to learn and adapt with the program. Methods of Self-learning, Self-Assessment and Closing the Knowledge Gap with assistance by MJA Trainers certainly do help me a lot in fulfilling and preparing myself for the Final Assessment by CIDB. Continuous discussions among participants also are absolutely helpful. Hence, MJA has certainly prepared an easy, rigid, and economical platform to all in pursuing their Competencies Credential as added values in their career's development. Thumbs up, MJA.


-Ts. 'Izzat Zulfatar

As someone who works and always came home late I still managed to join this OTHM Bridging Course. Believe me, Mega Jati Academy will make your life easier. This program was conducted online and you can answer it whenever you want.

-Ir. Ts. Sivakumar Jayaraman


With Mega Jati Academy anything is possible. You can work and study at your own time. You can have your own time and at the end you can still achieve what you want.

-Ir. Ts. Lau Yew Nen


With Mega Jati Academy, busy professional like us with a time constrain can do our further study at any time and anyway by using Mega Jati Academy LMS. I recommended all professional out there to join competency and professional course conducted by Mega Jati Academy. Well done & congratulation to Mega Jati Academy !!!! hope for more competent person from construction industry to be certified under this program and uplift our construction personal in Malaysia Par or better in world class standard. 


-Choo Boon Li

Alhamdullilah. Congratulations to the Class of 2021 school of engineering and technology on our graduation. All of our hard work and perseverance have lead us to another milestone. We are proud to be the 1st batch of facility management for professional degree/master by #unimap .Thank you to all those who involve in this journey Best wishes to all on our next adventure. #unimap #pdceunimap #megajatiacademy #graduation


-Norazam bin Hj Ahmad

I love the way the invited speaker take note each participant's background, sharing tips do and don'ts during PE interview, provided sample of cases, and answered mostly question asked by the participants. Overall, I like the positive vibes given during this session. Thumbs up for both organizer and excellent speaker. 


-Aishah Munim

The most important thing is to make people happy. If you are making people happy, as a side effect, they will be happy to open up their wallets and pay you.

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