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About Mega Jati Academy

Established since 1997 through Mega Jati CONSULT Sdn Bhd, an ISO 9001 Certified Mechanical & Electrical Consulting Engineers Company

Mega Jati ACADEMY, the training and education arm of Mega Jati Consult Sdn Bhd (Established 1998) have been authorized by training bodies and organizations and was acknowledged through stringent training criteria set forth by relevant governing authorities.

We are a Certified Training Provider for the Ministry of Finance (MOF) Malaysia, Human Resource Development Corporation (HRDCorp), Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), Department of Skills Development (JPK), Skill Development Fund Corporation (PTPK), Energy Commission (ST) and the Malaysia Board of Technologist (MBOT) for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses and program since year 2019. Internationally, Mega Jati Academy is an Approved Centre for the OTHM Qualifications United Kingdom that focusing now on the construction and facility management programs to the world’s market workforces.

The training activities by the ACADEMY targets contractors, professionals, practitioners, and relevant industry and academic personnel, who can benefit from acquiring skills, knowledge, and competencies for addressing tasks in various disciplines in the construction industry. The pieces of training are aimed to meet the country’s needs to have a competent workforce, to be less dependent on foreign experts and to train the workforce to work and interact effectively with industry experts.

In short, we can simplify our services covers training approaches for both PUBLIC COURSE (Scheduled yearly) and CUSTOMIZED / IN-HOUSE COURSE (open by request). With the establishment of our own Learning Management System (LMS) portal in February 2021, we are able to offers borderless and limitless training experiences to suit everyone's needs...!
Explore your training with us...!

Learning Never Exhausts the Mind


Adj. Prof. Ir. Dr. Muhammad Arkam Che Munaaim
CEO, Mega Jati ACADEMY Sdn Bhd

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